Mohamed Adel Serhani

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Quality of service (QoS) support in Web services plays a great role for the success of this emerging technology. In this paper, we present a QoS broker-based architecture for Web services. The main goal of the architecture is to support the client in selecting Web services based on his/her required QoS. To achieve this goal, we propose a two-phase(More)
Various and independent studies are showing that an exponential increase of chronic diseases (CDs) is exhausting governmental and private healthcare systems to an extent that some countries allocate half of their budget to healthcare systems. To benefit from the IT development, e-health monitoring and prevention approaches revealed to be among top promising(More)
Fault management, including fault detection and location, is an important task in management of Web Services. Fault detection can be performed through testing, which can be active or passive. Based on passive observation of interactions between a Web Service and its client, a passive tester tries to detect possible misbehaviors in requests and/or responses.(More)
The initial specifications of Web services cope with the issues of service publishing and service discovery but not with the issue of service selection. Service discovery, handled by UDDI and WSDL, alone is not sufficient to find the most appropriate server that can deliver customers' required quality of service (QoS). In this paper, we consider a(More)
With the abundance of raw data generated from various sources, Big Data has become a preeminent approach in acquiring, processing, and analyzing large amounts of heterogeneous data to derive valuable evidences. The size, speed, and formats in which data is generated and processed affect the overall quality of information. Therefore, Quality of Big Data(More)
With the proliferation of web services in business and as the number of web services is increasing, it is anticipated that a single web service will become insufficient to handle multitude, heterogeneous, and complex functions. Hence, web service composition will be used to create new value added services with a wide range of functionalities. Management of(More)
The ever evolving wireless technology and the advances in mobile devices induced a growing interest in indoor location-based services (ILBS). In this paper, we propose an ILBS discovery framework that finds the accurate indoor location of mobile users and provides information about services within the users’ surrounding area keeping in mind the client’s(More)
Current object-oriented (OO) software systems must satisfy new requirements that include quality aspects. These, contrary to functional requirements, are difficult to determine during the test phase of a project. Predictive and estimation models offer an interesting solution to this problem. This paper describes an original approach to build rule-based(More)
In this article, we develop a comprehensive mobile-based approach, which is able to perform the essential processes needed to automatically analyze and detect epileptic seizures using the information contained in electroencephalography (EEG) signals. We first develop and implement an appropriate combination of different algorithms that resample, smooth,(More)