Mohamed Abou El Saoud

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Service Discovery Protocols (SDP) allow users and applications to automatically locate services without prior configuration. Since Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) constitute an integral part of the ubiquitous computing scenario, increasing efforts are geared toward providing service discovery in such environments. In this work, we adapt the widely employed(More)
—This paper presents a novel methodology for finding the network connectivity in wireless mesh networks while taking into account dependencies existing between links of geometrically co-located nodes, as well as the effect of a finite network boundary. We show that the commonly used assumption of link independence almost always underestimate the network(More)
— In the world of wireless ad-hoc networking, the problem of service discovery is essential and important in order to detect and access services between mobile computers. This has hence led to the advent of numerous Service Discovery Protocols (SDPs). We recognize the need for a legitimate framework for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of SDPs in(More)
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