Mohamed Abdelfetah Nasr

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Multiple species within the Acinetobacter genus are nosocomial opportunistic pathogens of increasing relevance worldwide. Among the virulence factors utilized by these bacteria are the type IV pili and a protein O-glycosylation system. Glycosylation is mediated by O-oligosaccharyltransferases (O-OTases), enzymes that transfer the glycan from a lipid carrier(More)
ρ-Benzoquinone-activated alginate beads were presented as a new carrier for affinity covalent immobilization of glucoamylase enzyme. Evidences of alginate modification were extracted from FT-IR and thermal gravimetric analysis and supported by morphological changes recognized through SEM examination. Factors affecting the modification process such as(More)
There is some rate of distortion in the projected plane coordinates obtained by GPS. The coordinates obtained using terrestrial devices such as Total Station depends on the direct angular observations and distances measurements on the surface of the earth assumed as plane surface. Using different observation systems (terrestrial survey and GPS survey)(More)
A novel affinity covalent immobilization technique of glucoamylase enzyme onto ρ-benzoquinone-activated alginate beads was presented and compared with traditional entrapment one. Factors affecting the immobilization process such as enzyme concentration, alginate concentration, calcium chloride concentration, cross-linking time, and temperature were studied.(More)
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