Mohamed Abdel-Maguid

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In this paper, a geometrically based 3-D propagation model is presented for macrocellular land mobile radio channel with a mobile station (MS) located at the center of a 3-D scattering semi-spheroid and a base station (BS) employing a directional antenna located outside of the semi-spheroid. The effect of directional antenna is thoroughly observed on the(More)
This paper proposes a new algorithm to solve cellular layout design problem (CLDP) taking terrain variation and traffic demand into consideration. Based on the nature of the terrain, user distribution, user demand, and growth rate, the distribution of the cells is specified. The proposed algorithm has been simulated for the area with flat terrain and(More)
In this paper, an improved target detection algorithm for MIMO airborne radar has been proposed namely, Compressive Parametric Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test (CP-GLRT). The Parametric Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test (P-GLRT) and Generalized likelihood ratio test (GLRT) are also studied considering the availability of secondary data. The signal is(More)
In this paper, a generalized model is proposed to analyze the impact of propagation environment and velocity on the handover performance of user equipment (UE) for long term evolution (LTE) systems. An adaptive time window is defined within the generalized model, to provide additional flexibility to perform handover procedure over conventional reference(More)
Spectrum sensing is the key enabling technology for cognitive radio networks. The main objective of spectrum sensing is to provide more spectrum access opportunities to cognitive radio users without interfering with the operations of the licensed network. Spectrum sensing decisions can lead to erroneous sensing due to fading, shadowing and other(More)
The problem of optimising the target detection performance of MIMO radar in the presence of clutter is considered. The increased false alarm rate which is a consequence of the presence of clutter returns is known to seriously degrade the target detection performance of the radar target detector, especially under low SNR conditions. In this paper, a(More)