Mohamed Abd-ElRahman Abdou

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The Drosophila Methoprene-tolerant (Met) and Germ cell-expressed (Gce) bHLH-PAS transcription factors are products of two paralogous genes. Both proteins potentially mediate the effect of juvenile hormone (JH) as candidate JH receptors. Here we report that Met and Gce are partially redundant in transducing JH action. Both Met and gce null single mutants are(More)
Juvenile hormone (JH) biosynthesis in the corpus allatum (CA) is regulated by neuropeptides and neurotransmitters produced in the brain. However, little is known about how these neural signals induce changes in JH biosynthesis. Here, we report a novel function of TGFβ signaling in transferring brain signals into transcriptional changes of JH acid(More)
Juvenile hormone (JH) plays key roles in controlling insect growth and metamorphosis. However, relatively little is known about the JH signaling pathways. Until recent years, increasing evidence has suggested that JH modulates the action of 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E) by regulating expression of broad (br), a 20E early response gene, through Met/Gce and Kr-h1.(More)
Corpus allatum (CA) ablation results in juvenile hormone (JH) deficiency and pupal lethality in Drosophila. The fly CA produces and releases three sesquiterpenoid hormones: JH III bisepoxide (JHB3), JH III, and methyl farnesoate (MF). In the whole body extracts, MF is the most abundant sesquiterpenoid, followed by JHB3 and JH III. Knockout of JH acid methyl(More)
Compression of medical images (MI) is an important field of study in biomedical engineering. Although lossy compression could solve storage space and transmission bandwidth problems, it is not recommended by most physicians because of data loss. Lossless compression saves all details inside image; however it could not be applied for the whole image area.(More)
Cascaded machine translation systems are essential for Deaf people. Speech recognizers and sign language translators when combined together constitute helpful automatic machine translators. This paper introduces an automatic translator from Arabic spoken language into Arabic sign language. This system aims to integrate Deaf students into classrooms of(More)
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