Mohamed Abd El-Hady Kassem

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This work aims to prepare sustained release buccal mucoadhesive lyophilized chitosan sponges of buspirone hydrochloride (BH) to improve its systemic bioavailability. Chitosan sponges were prepared using simple casting/freeze-drying technique according to 32 factorial design where chitosan grade was set at three levels (low, medium, and high molecular(More)
Lacidipine (LCDP) is a highly lipophilic calcium channel blocker of poor aqueous solubility leading to poor oral absorption. This study aims to prepare and optimize LCDP nanosuspensions using antisolvent sonoprecipitation technique to enhance the solubility and dissolution of LCDP. A three-factor, three-level Box–Behnken design was employed to optimize the(More)
This note presents the characterization of the stability set of the first kind for multi-objective nonlinear programming (MONLP) problems with fuzzy parameters either in the constraints or in the objective functions without any differentiability assumptions. These fuzzy parameters are characterized by triangular fuzzy numbers (TFNs). The existing results(More)