Mohamed A Shehata

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Chronic infection with schistosomiasis has been clearly associated with the development of bladder cancer, and infestation is associated with a high incidence of colorectal cancer in endemic populations. Despite this association, the potential role of alterations in tumor suppressor genes colorectal cancers has never been evaluated in an endemically(More)
Carbonic anhydrase IX (CAIX) is an enzyme whose expression is very limited in normal tissues and it is highly expressed in various cancers. Therefore, inhibition of CAIX is considered as a promising therapeutic target for the treatment of solid tumors where hypoxic environment has developed. The aim of the current work is to evaluate the immunohistochemical(More)
The immunohistochemical (IHC) subtyping of breast cancer can be a useful substitute for gene expression analysis. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship of CK8/18 to the biology of breast carcinoma (BC) represented by its IHC subtypes. The IHC expression of CK8/18 was correlated with IHC subtypes of BC using ER, PR, HER2/neu, and Ki67 LI(More)
Background: The modified early warning score (MEWS) is a simple clinical scoring system suitable for bedside application used to predict patients who may undergo a cardiorespiratory arrest event at the onset of admission in the hospital. Materials and Methods: The MEWS is a tool for bedside evaluation based on five physiological parameters. Systolic blood(More)
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