Mohamed A Sharawy

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Immediate loading in implant dentistry is increasing in popularity as a clinical procedure. A scientific rationale of immediate occlusal loading of the implant support system should emphasize methods to decrease surgical trauma during implant placement and to decrease bone loading trauma during the early loading period. The surgical trauma may be reduced by(More)
Immediate loading of an implant interface has been used for completely and partially edentulous patients. A biomechanical rationale to decrease the initial risk of overload is reasonable, because implant failure and overload has been well established. This article addresses methods to decrease stress to the transitional restoration. Forces may be influenced(More)
The presence of fibrous tissue has long been known to decrease the long-term survival of a root-form implant. Excessive loads on an osseointegrated implant may result in mobility of the supporting device, and excessive loads may also fracture an implant component or body. Although several conditions may cause crestal bone loss, one of these may be(More)
Information and communication technology (ICT) is playing an ever-increasing role in the services provided by academic institutions of today. With the rapid advent in technology and the breadth of tools made available, academic institutions are finding it more challenging to quantify their needs and optimize their ICT investments. Moreover, the pressing(More)
Reconstruction of the atrophic maxilla is a difficult task. The gold standard for such reconstruction is autogenous bone. Presently, many excellent products are available to the dental surgeon to facilitate alveolar reconstruction in the absence of autogenous bone. This study describes the use of bone morphogenic protein in combination with allogenic bone(More)
AIM To study the renal resistive index (RI) and pulsatility index (PI) measured by renal Doppler in various stages of liver cirrhosis and their values to detect cirrhotic patients at risk for developing the hepatorenal syndrome. METHODS This study included 60 cirrhotic patients divided into 4 groups (15 patients each): compensated liver cirrhosis (group(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and environmental hepatotoxins may have an indirect influence on health by altering the synthesis and function of hormones, particularly reproductive hormones. We aimed to evaluate liver diseases and sex steroid hormones in Egypt, which has the highest prevalence of HCV worldwide. METHODS We measured markers of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate a square-thread design implant and compare the bone-implant contact percentage between immediate-loaded and nonloaded implants (controls) in nonhuman primates. MATERIALS Five nonhuman primates each received 3 implants, with a total of 5 control implants and 10 immediate-loaded implants in posterior regions of the mouth. Ninety days(More)