Mohamed A. M. Gad-Elkareem

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Condensation of β-Oxoanilide 1 with active methylene derivatives 2a,b afforded the pyridine derivative 5, and with crotononitrile afforded the pyridine 8. Compounds 9 and 11a-c were obtained by reaction of 1 with malononitrile dimer and arylidinemalononitrile 10a-10c. In contrast, when compound 1 reacted with ethoxymethylen malononitrile afforded the(More)
Four new azo ligands, L1 and HL2-4, of sulfa drugs have been prepared and characterized. [MX(2)(L1)(H(2)O)(m)].nH(2)O; [(MX(2))(2)(HL2 or HL3)(H(2)O)(m)].nH(2)O and [M(2)X(3)(L4)(H(2)O)].nH(2)O; M=Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) (X=Cl) and Zn(II) (X=AcO); m=0-4 and n=0-3, complexes were prepared. Elemental and thermal analyses (TGA and DTA), IR, solid reflectance(More)
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