Mohamed A. Khafagy

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—The edge detection on the images is so important for image processing. It is used in a various fields of applications ranging from real-time video surveillance and traffic management to medical imaging applications. Currently, there is not a single edge detector that has both efficiency and reliability. Traditional differential filter-based algorithms have(More)
A specialty is the transition from the undifferentiated medical graduate phase to the final, fully-differentiated specialist who is almost restricted to one specialized area of medical work. The medical specialty chosen by the medical practitioner is important for both the practitioner and the society. It is an important determinant of the future supply of(More)
—The randomness and uniqueness of human eye patterns is a major breakthrough in the search for quicker, easier and highly reliable forms of automatic human identification. It is being used extensively in security solutions. This includes access control to physical facilities, security systems and information databases, Suspect tracking, surveillance and(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Since pharmacotherapy of portal hypertension has always been a subject of wide interest, we decided to study the effects of different angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and endoscopic sclerotherapy on portal hemodynamics in patients with portal hypertension and bleeding esophageal varices. METHODOLOGY The study included 72 patients(More)
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