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—Most of the techniques used in the literature in clustering symbolic data are based on the hierarchical methodology, which utilizes the concept of agglomerative or divisive methods as the core of the algorithm. The main contribution of this paper is to show how to apply the concept of fuzziness on a data set of symbolic objects and how to use this concept(More)
Because of the different characteristics of Arabic language and Romance and Anglo Saxon languages, recognition of documents written in hybrid of these languages requires that the language of the text to be identified priori to the recognition phase. In this paper, three efficient techniques that can be used to discriminate between text written in Arabic(More)
This paper presents a graph-based framework for the segmentation of Arabic text. The same framework is used to extract font independent structural features from the text that are used in the recognition. The major contribution of this paper is a new graph-based structural segmentation approach based on the topological relation between the baseline and the(More)
Multidimensional indexing is concerned with the indexing of multi-attributed records, where queries can be applied on some or all of the attributes. Indexing multi-attributed records is referred to by the term multidimensional indexing because each record is viewed as a point in a multidimensional space with a number of dimensions that is equal to the(More)
  • Raja Nhili, Paul Peixoto, Sabine Depauw, Sébastien Flajollet, Xavier Dezitter, Manoj M. Munde +8 others
  • 2013
Direct modulation of gene expression by targeting oncogenic transcription factors is a new area of research for cancer treatment. ERG, an ETS-family transcription factor, is commonly over-expressed or translocated in leukaemia and prostate carcinoma. In this work, we selected the di-(thiophene-phenyl-amidine) compound DB1255 as an ERG/DNA binding inhibitor(More)