Mohamed A. Gamal-Eldein

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tis caused by Angiostrongylus cantonensis associated with eating raw snails: correlation of brain magnetic resonance imaging scans with clinical fi ndings. Outbreak of eosino-philic meningitis associated with drinking raw vegetable juice in southern Taiwan. To the Editor: Wild migratory birds are reservoirs for low pathogenic avian infl uenza (LPAI) viruses(More)
(H5N1) strain (collected in December 2005; online Appendix Figure, panel A) is an HPAI and is closely related to the parent of the group of viruses isolated in the early 2006 Egypt outbreak , with an average identity of 99.4% with all other strains from Egypt and a bootstrap support value of 96% (online Appendix Figure, panel B). Despite the rapid spread of(More)
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