Mohamed A. El-Sayed

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∗ Corresponding author. Abstract In this paper we introduce an application of genetic algorithms (GAs) with the problem of drawing of level planar graph or hierarchical planar graph, and explore the potential use of GAs to solve this particular problem. Given a l evel planar graph, we want to find a geometric position of every vertex (layout) in a(More)
Thresholding is an important task in image processing. It is a main tool in pattern recognition, image segmentation, edge detection and scene analysis. In this paper, we present a new thresholding technique based on two-dimensional Tsallis entropy. The two-dimensional Tsallis entropy was obtained from the twodimensional histogram which was determined by(More)
Edge detection is an important field in image processing. Edges characterize object boundaries and are therefore useful for segmentation, registration, feature extraction, and identification of objects in a scene. In this paper, an approach utilizing an improvement of Baljit and Amar method which uses Shannon entropy other than the evaluation of derivates(More)
Edges characterize object boundaries in image and are therefore useful for segmentation, registration, feature extraction, and identification of objects in a scene. Edges detection is used to classify, interpret and analyze the digital images in a various fields of applications such as robots, the sensitive applications in military, optical character(More)
Multicast communication, in which the same message is sending from a source node to a set of destination nodes, is being increasingly demanded in multicomputer systems. It can be used to support several other collective communication operations. 2D torus network has many features. So, it has become increasingly important to multicomputer design. This paper(More)
Consumption of electrical energy in Kuwait is rapidly increasing. The production of this energy currently depends mainly on oil and its derivatives to drive the different power plants in the country. The combustion of such fossil fuel comes with a well-known environmental pollution. Local oil production represents a key income for Kuwait and intelligent(More)
Many persons can easily access their information anytime and anywhere through its network society which spread in the world. On the other side, there is a very risk on this information, because of legitimate users and quacks, who are trying to seize the information. The passwords and numbers can be guessed or forgotten. Also, Personal Identification Numbers(More)