Mohamed A. Ayadi

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Composition, functional properties, and in vitro antioxidant activities of gelatin hydrolysates prepared from cuttlefish skin were investigated. Cuttlefish skin gelatin hydrolysates (CSGHs) were obtained by treatment with crude enzyme preparations from Bacillus licheniformis NH1, Bacillus mojavensis A21, Bacillus subtilis A26, and commercial alcalase. All(More)
We design and implement a dynamic program (DP) for valuing corporate securities, seen as derivatives on a …rm's assets, and computing the term structure of yield spreads and default probabilities. Our setting accommodates arbitrary corporate debts, multiple seniority classes, payouts, tax bene…ts, bankruptcy costs, and a reorganization process. This(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the effect of two levels of inclusion of xylan oligosaccharides (XOS) extracted from corncob on growth, feed utilization, immune status and disease resistance of Mediterranean sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) fingerlings. Specimens of 4.75 ± 0.69 g at initial density of 2.7 ± 0.13 kg/m3 were fed during 12 weeks at(More)
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