Mohamadreza Ahmadi

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This paper considers the control problem of a class of uncertain switched systems defined on polyhedral sets known as piecewise linear systems where, instead of the conventional Carathéodory solutions, Filippov solutions are studied. In other words, in contrast to the previous studies, solutions with infinite switching in finite time along the facets and on(More)
This paper investigates input-output properties of systems described by partial differential equations (PDEs). Analogous to systems described by ordinary differential equations (ODEs), dissipation inequalities are used to establish input-output properties for PDE systems. Dissipation inequalities pertaining to passivity, induced L-norm, reachability, and(More)
This paper addresses the stability problem of a class of nonlinear switched systems with partitioned state-space and state-dependent switching. In lieu of the Carathéodory solutions, the general Filippov solutions are considered. This encapsulates solutions with infinite switching in finite time. Based on the theory of differential inclusions, a Lyapunov(More)