Mohamadou Seck

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This paper presents an NLP-based approach to extracting preferences from negotiation dialogues. We propose a new annotation scheme to study how preferences are linguistically expressed on two different corpus genres. We then automatically extract preferences in two steps: first, we extract the set of outcomes; then, we identify how these outcomes are(More)
Effects of the forage-to-concentrate ratio on apparent ruminal synthesis of thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folates, and vitamin B12 were evaluated in an experiment using 14 ruminally and duodenally cannulated Holstein cows. The experiment was a crossover design with two 15-d treatment periods and a 14-d preliminary period in which cows were fed a(More)
RÉSUMÉ Cet article présente une approche linguistique pour l'extraction d'expressions de préférence à partir de dialogues de négociation. Nous proposons un nouveau schéma d'annotation pour enco-der les préférences et les dépendances exprimées linguistiquement dans deux genres de corpus différents. Ensuite, nous proposons une méthode d'apprentissage qui(More)
Effects of forage family (legume vs. grass) on apparent ruminal synthesis (ARS) and postruminal supply of B vitamins were evaluated in 2 experiments. Diets containing either alfalfa (AL) or orchardgrass (OG) silages as the sole forage were offered to ruminally and duodenally cannulated lactating Holstein cows in crossover design experiments. Experiment 1(More)
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