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Rainfall causes the absorption and scattering to microwave signals results in severe degradation of the receive signal level. Many rain attenuation studies are based on data collected from theExpand
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Dual-function remotely-pumped Erbium-doped fiber amplifier: Loss and dispersion compensator.
An efficient Erbium-doped fiber amplifier configured in doublepass amplification scheme with chirped fiber Bragg grating as the reflector is presented in this paper. The proposed amplifierExpand
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Two-photon photoluminescence induced defects on InGaN crystal and light emitting diodes
Two-photon excitation techniques used in fabricating lines defects were done on a light emitting diode chip. Simultaneous detection of a quenched wide-gap semiconductor crystal has been observedExpand
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Design Of A Beamforming Network Using Butler Matrix
Nowadays, communication systems are moving towards higher data rate transmission. MIMO is one of the techniques which is new and widely explore by the researchers. MIMO concept can achieve byExpand
Design Of X Polarized Antenna By Using Single Port And Single Layer
With the wide spread proliferation of wireless communication technology nowadays, the demand for compact, low profile and broadband antennas have increased dramatically. The best choice that canExpand
Dual Polarization Microstrip Antenna for WLAN Application
This project present design of array antenna from type of inset-fed microstrip patch antenna oriented at 45° and -45°. The antennas are capable to generate dualpolarization radiation patternExpand
Technical Program Chairs
Linear Congruent Method (LCM) and Fisher-Yates Shuffle Algorithms are widely known and used in various fields and needs. Expand
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