Mohamad Zamani Zainal Abiden

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The study of urban poverty using high resolution satellite imagery and environmental data set has been widely used in many countries since early year 2000 to estimate, detect and identify the poor areas. By using remote sensing approach the identification of poor area can be pre-predicted without intensively to go to the ground. Due to high life expenses at(More)
Accuracy assessment for map comparison is commonly found in urban planning research, especially for detecting error in remotely sensed imagery data. It is to compare two sources of spatial information. In analyzing such information quantitatively, the two datasets are summarized in a confusion matrix, which is represented in a form of percentage of(More)
Predicting minerals potential helps miners in making wise decisions. In this paper, we present a computerized prototype system called GoldXplorer that enables to predict the existence and distribution of gold (aurum (Au)) at a given location with its geological and geographical factors. With its two intelligent engines based on back-propagation neural(More)
Urban growth refers to an increase in the absolute of people living in urban areas and the spatial expansion of those urban areas. The study of the past and present situations of an area gives the influential factors on the pattern of urban growth. In fact, it is possible to predict the future pattern if the growth can be properly modeled. The urban(More)
Urban growth always relates to the combination of natural increase in urban population and immigration of people to urban areas. Urbanization is very closely linked to industrialization, commercialization or overall economic growth and development. The process of urbanization exhibits a pattern in which the rate rises steeply in the early stages of(More)
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