Mohamad Yusuf

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The diisochromenochromen-4-one 3a-3b, 4a-4c, 5a-6a  & 7 have been prepared from the photocyclization reaction of bischromen-4-one 2a-2e. The later compounds are obtained from the O-alkylation of the suitable 3-hydroxy-2-aryl-4H-chromen-4-one 1a-1e with 4,4'-bischloromethyl-diphenyl in dry acetone, anhydrous K₂CO₃, and PTC (Bu₄N⁺I⁻) under refluxing(More)
We investigated the antibacterial activity of some new steroidal thiosemicarbazone and their Pd(II) metal complexes. Metal complexes were prepared from the reaction of steroidal thiosemicarbazone with [Pd(DMSO)(2)Cl(2)]. Coordination via the thionic sulphur and the azomethine nitrogen atom of the thiosemicarbazone to the metal ion, the thiosemicarbazone(More)
The bisthiadiazolines 4a-4g have been synthesized in good yields from the cyclization reactions of bisthiosemicarbazones 3a-3g with acetic anhydride. The condensation reaction of dibenzaldehydes 2a-2g with thiosemicarbazide in alcoholic medium provided 3a-3g and former were obtained from the O-alkylation of 3-hydroxybenzaldehyde with suitable(More)
The bispyrazolines 4a(a'-f') and 4b(a'-f') built around the aliphatic chains of varying lengths have been prepared by refluxing bischalcones 3a(a'-f') and 3b(a'-f') with phenyl hydrazine in alcoholic medium. The reactions of chalcones 2a and 2b with suitable 1,ω-dibromoalkanes in the presence of anhydrous K(2)CO(3)/dry acetone and Bu(4)N(+)I(-) (PTC)(More)
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