Mohamad Roji Sarmidi

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A model of glucose regulation system was combined with a model of insulin-signaling pathways in this study. A feedback loop was added to link the transportation of glucose into cells (by GLUT4 in the insulin-signaling pathways) and the insulin-dependent glucose uptake in the glucose regulation model using the Michaelis-Menten kinetic model. A value of K(m)(More)
A mathematical model to describe the oscillatory bursting activity of pancreatic beta-cells is combined with a model of glucose regulation system in this work to study the bursting pattern under regulated extracellular glucose stimulation. The bursting electrical activity in beta-cells is crucial for the release of insulin, which acts to regulate the blood(More)
A growing body of evidence suggests that activation of nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) signaling pathways is among the inflammatory mechanism involved in the development of insulin resistance and chronic low-grade inflammation in adipose tissues derived from obese animal and human subjects. Nevertheless, little is known about the roles of NF-κB pathways in(More)
The clearing land or clearing of oil palm plantations needs stakeholders' involvement in decision making, such as the role of government group, environmentalists, investors and the agricultural community groups from non-governmental organizations (NGO). This paper discusses about the Group Decision Support (GDS) that can be used for Oil Palm Plantation(More)
Mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammation are widely accepted as key hallmarks of obesity-induced skeletal muscle insulin resistance. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the functional roles of an anti-inflammatory compound, celastrol, in mitochondrial dysfunction and insulin resistance induced by antimycin A (AMA) in human skeletal muscle cells.(More)
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