Mohamad Nor Said

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Cellular actions of valproate (VPA) were studied using intracellular recordings of identified neuronal individuals in the buccal ganglia of Helix pomatia. Under nonepileptic conditions, VPA induced (a) a hyperpolarization, (b) slight changes in action potentials (AP), and (c) an increase in membrane resistance. Under epileptic conditions (i.e., during(More)
Land use planning and ecological land evaluation are considered the most important tools and factors of sustainable development. Two aspects are of importance, firstly the potential suitability of the land for a specific use and the secondly management practices that integrate various factors such as agro-ecological aptitude, environmental impact,(More)
Public transportation serves people with mobility and accessibility to workplace s, health facilities, community resources, and recreational areas across the country. Development in the application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to transportation problems represents one of the most important areas of GIS-technology today. To show the importance(More)
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