Mohamad Nagi

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The web has become the world's largest repository of knowledge. Web usage mining is the process of discovering knowledge from the interactions generated by the user in the form of access logs, cookies, and user sessions data. Web Mining consists of three different categories, namely Web Content Mining, Web Structure Mining, and Web Usage Mining (is the(More)
The rapid development of the internet introduced new trend of electronic transactions that is gradually dominating all aspects of our daily life. The amount of data maintained by websites to keep track of the visitors is growing exponentially. Benefitting from such data is the target of the study described in this paper. We investigate and explore the(More)
Over the years the treatment of scalds in our centre has changed, moving more towards the use of biological dressings (xenografts). Management of scalds with mid dermal or deep dermal injuries differs among centers using different types of dressings, and recently biological membrane dressings were recommended for this type of injury. Here we describe(More)
The web has emerged rapidly into a valuable source of information. Web visitors leave trace behind them which is used by web site owners for knowledge discovery. The latter information guides site owners in deciding how to organize the information in their website and how to provide the best for their visitors in order to maximize their profit. Various(More)
B. arabica and B. truncatus the snail intermediate hosts of intestinal and urinary schistosomiasis in Yemen Arab Republic, were bred in the laboratory and infected with S. mansoni and S. haematobium respectively. Schistosome infection caused a marked decrease in the glycogen and protein contents in the tissue of B. arabica and B. truncatus. The glucose(More)
Genes are encoding regions that form essential building block within the cell and lead to proteins which are achieving various functions. However, some genes may be mutated due to internal or external factors and this is a main cause for various diseases. The latter case could be discovered by closely examining samples taken from patients to identify faulty(More)
Introduction: Schistosomiasis is a parasitosis affecting 200 to 250 million people around the world, mainly in tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Most clinical manifestations are related to egg deposition and the formation of granulomas and fibrous tissues around the eggs produced by the worms. Fibrosis of the(More)