Mohamad Kurdi

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BACKGROUND Factor VIII (FVIII) and von Willebrand factor (VWF) circulate in plasma in a tight non-covalent complex, being critical to hemostasis. Although structurally unrelated, both share the presence of sialylated glycan-structures, making them potential ligands for sialic-acid-binding-immunoglobulin-like-lectins (Siglecs). DESIGN AND METHODS We(More)
The objective of this project was to study the function of O-glycosylations in von Willebrand factor (VWF) life cycle. In total, 14 different murine Vwf cDNAs mutated on one or several O-glycosylations sites were generated: 9 individual mutants, 2 doublets, 2 clusters and 1 mutant with all 9 murine glycosylation sites mutated (Del-O-Gly). We expressed each(More)
Factor X (FX), a plasma glycoprotein playing a central role in coagulation has a long circulatory half-life compared to closely related coagulation factors. The activation peptide of FX has been shown to influence its clearance with two N-glycans as key determinants of FX's relatively long survival. To decipher FX clearance mechanism, organ biodistribution(More)
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