Mohamad Khairiyah

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OBJECTIVE Patients suffering from stroke have a diminished ability to recognize emotions. This paper presents a review of neuropsychological studies that investigated the basic emotion processing deficits involved in individuals with interhemispheric brain (right, left) damage and normal controls, including processing mode (perception) and communication(More)
Abstract—In this study, six bacterial isolates of a slightly thermophilic organism from the Sg. Klah hot spring, Malaysia were successfully isolated and designated as M7T55D1, M7T55D2, M7T55D3, M7T53D1, M7T53D2 and M7T53D3 respectively. The bacterial isolates were screened for their cellulose hydrolytic ability on Carboxymethlycellulose agar medium. The(More)
The present work is designed to study diversity and abundance Hymenoptera in FELDA Besout 6 oil palm plantation and to evaluate the relationship between diversity of insects with different habitats in oil palm plantations. Samplings were conducted using Malaise traps. Three habitats were chosen which were: Trap A (represented the beneficial plants area),(More)
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