Mohamad Javad Aein

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— The goal of this study is to provide an architecture for a generic definition of robot manipulation actions. We emphasize that the representation of actions presented here is " procedural ". Thus, we will define the structural elements of our action representations as execution protocols. To achieve this, manipulations are defined using three levels. The(More)
—Object recognition plays an important role in robotics, since objects/tools first have to be identified in the scene before they can be manipulated/used. The performance of object recognition largely depends on the training dataset. Usually such training sets are gathered manually by a human operator, a tedious procedure, which ultimately limits the size(More)
— Human manipulation activity recognition is an important yet challenging task in robot imitation. In this paper, we introduce, for the first time, a novel method for semantic decomposition and recognition of continuous human manipulation activities by using on-line learned individual manipulation models. Solely based on the spatiotemporal interactions(More)
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