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Chloroplasts utilize photons from solar radiation to synthesize energy-rich molecules of ATPs and NADPHs, which are further used in active cellular processes. Multiprotein complexes (MPCs), including photosystems (PSII and PSI), and the cellular architecture responsible for generation of the proton motive force and the subsequent photophosphorylation,(More)
  • Mohd Nor, Hajar Hasrol Jono, Nor Azilah, Mohd Asarani, Mohamad Ibrahim, Abdul Azlan +1 other
  • 2013
This paper discusses on the possibility of taking advantage of the well-served Gagne's theory of learning and combining it with the benefits of instructional design. Such potent combination can surely be extended further with the integration of advanced multimedia is undoubtedly helpful in today's education realm. The best of all these factors may have a(More)
The nature of caffeine reveals that it is a bitter white crystalline alkaloid. It is a common ingredient in a variety of drinks (soft and energy drinks) and is also used in combination with various medicines. In order to maintain the optimum level of caffeine, various spectrophotometric methods have been developed. The monitoring of caffeine is very(More)
Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) fronds are produced as waste during the harvest of oil palm fruits. It mainly consists of cellulose, lignin, and hemicelluloses. Lignins like other polyphenols are potent free radical scavengers and are considered to be a valuable source of antioxidant phenolic compounds. The aim was to quantify the antioxidant properties(More)
A study on the preparation of activated carbon from Acacia mangium wood was conducted, and the operating factors, such as activating agent concentration, activation temperature and activation time, were optimized using response surface methodology. In order to determine the effects of the operating factors namely H3PO4 concentration (6.48–48.5 %),(More)
The existing approach of response surface methodology was extended to study the adsorption of methyl orange dye on optimized Acacia mangium wood-based activated carbon with a Brunauer, Emmett and Teller surface area of 1,767 m2/g. The experiments were carried out in a batch system, and the optimal condition was determined by means of the face-centered(More)
This review incorporates a large number of chromatographic systems modified by the surfactants. A large number of solvent systems and stationary phases are summarized in this paper. Three different kinds of surfactants (anionic, cationic, and nonionic) are used as modifiers for stationary phases as well as solvent systems. Surfactants are used at all the(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title compound, C(58)H(96)N(2)O(4), contains two crystallographically independent mol-ecules. All cyclohexane rings are in chair conformations, while the furan ring is in an envelope conformation in one mol-ecule and a twist conformation in the other. Two acetaldehyde and one isobutane groups are disordered over two orientations(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Single gate transcranial Doppler spectrogram (sgTCD) has a high variability in the detection of microembolic signals (MES), Adding Power M-mode Doppler (PMD) information may improve MES detection. Our study's aim is to derive combined PMD/sgTCD microemboli criteria to overcome this limitation. METHODS Patients with symptomatic(More)
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