Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh

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This paper recommends a compact circular antenna on metamaterial substrate for C-band applications. The antenna has been designed to improve the performance of gain directivity, return loss and size. The size of the new metamaterial antenna has been reduced by a factor of 2.4 and the gain directivity was increased from 4.17 dBi in conventional design on(More)
The main objective of this project is to develop a technique to classify the ripeness of bananas into 3 categories, which is unripe, ripe and overripe systematically based on their histogram RGB value components. This system involved the process of collecting samples with different level of ripeness, image processing and image classification by using(More)
Ionosphere layer is an important medium in communication system. At this layer where the total electron content exist because of ionization by the Sun's extreme ultraviolet radiation, meanwhile the night side ionosphere electron content is reduced by chemical recombination. Maximum Total Electron Content (TEC) was detected at 0500 Local Time Clock (LTC) and(More)
This paper presents on development of an accident reporting system using an iOS application. Normally, accidents at workplace could only be reported on a standard paper form but there are often delays in submitting the reports, as well as difficulties in retrieving them back for analyzing purposes. Additionally, reporting via paper format consumes paper(More)
The most famous and known effects of space weather is fluctuation in the amplitude and phase radio signal that propagates in the ionosphere. This fluctuation is also known as scintillation which will intense, degrades the signal quality, reduce the information content, or cause failure of the signal reception. During solar eclipse day, there are some(More)
The paper is to research as a result of anxiety raised by staff and workers that work in the range about health hazard potential affected by the Radio Frequency (RF) radiation Electromagnetic Field (EMF) emitted by the Telecommunication Tower and Ground Station at National Space Agency, National Planetarium. The measurement carried out on the(More)
This paper presents a design of a multilayer bandpass filter. The filter is constructed from a combination of end-coupled and ring resonators for digital broadcasting applications. The filter is designed to work at 2.6 GHz with a bandwidth of 4%. A 0.75-mm-thick of Roger RO3003 substrate with dielectric constant, &#x220A;<inf>r</inf> of 3.0 is used as a(More)
Ionosphere layer is very important to the communication system. In Malaysia the ionosphere layer is unique because the location is near the equator where it exposed more ultraviolet radiation (UV) compared to other region. This project focuses on the determination optimized ionospheric layers for TEC measurements at equatorial region. The main parameter in(More)
This paper presents on Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation at Satellite Earth Station and the effect to occupational workers and members of the public. This research and measurement was requested by OSH Committee, Satellite Earth Station, Telekom Malaysia Berhad as a result of concern raised by their workers and member of the public about potential health hazard(More)
Exogenous parameter is basically referred to the external activities that may have been the important factors in modulating the atmosphere, ionosphere and the earth's surface. Due to its significant impacts, there is possibility to link solar activities and seismicity. Associated investigations have been done by previous researchers in order to explore the(More)