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The essence of data mining is the nontrivial extraction of implicit, previously unknown, and potentially useful information from data. Existing data mining tools consider snapshots of data and therefore unable to handle the complexity of a dynamic environment, such as financial applications which contain a huge amount of data that changes over time. The(More)
With the enormous growth of online reviews in Internet, sentiment analysis has received more and more attention in information retrieval and natural language processing community. Up to now there are very few researches conducted on sentiment analysis for Persian documents. This paper considers the problem of sentiment classification for online customer(More)
Abnormal activity detection plays a crucial role in surveillance applications, and a surveillance system that can perform robustly in an academic environment has become an urgent need. In this paper, we propose a novel framework for an automatic real-time video-based surveillance system which can simultaneously perform the tracking, semantic scene learning,(More)
With the introduction and standardization of the semantic web as the third generation of the Web, this technology has attracted and received more human attention than ever and thus the amount of semantic web data is constantly growing. These semantic web data are a rich source of useful knowledge for feeding data mining techniques. Semantic web data have(More)
In recent years probabilistic topic models have gained tremendous attention in data mining and natural language processing research areas. In the field of information retrieval for text mining, a variety of probabilistic topic models have been used to analyse content of documents. A topic model is a generative model for documents, it specifies a(More)
The annealing process is one of the important operations in production of cold rolled steel sheets, which significantly influences the final product quality of cold rolling mills. In this process, cold rolled coils are heated slowly to a desired temperature and then cooled. Modelling of annealing process (prediction of heating and cooling time and trend(More)
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