Mohamad-Hoseyn Sigari

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BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Dermoscopy is one of the major imaging modalities used in the diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions. Due to the difficulty and subjectivity of human interpretation, computerized image analysis techniques have become important tools in this research area. Hair removal from skin lesion images is one of the key problems for the precise(More)
In this paper, a fast highlight detection and scoring method is proposed using an ondemand feature extraction and a fuzzy inference system. The proposed method partitions video to highlights and analyzes their content using an on-demand feature extraction approach. Then, a score is assigned to each highlight using a Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) according to(More)
This paper presents a color image classification method using rank based ensemble classifier. In this paper, we use color histogram in different color spaces and Gabor wavelet to extract color and texture features respectively. These features are classified by two classifiers: Nearest Neighbor (NN) and Multi Layer Perceptron (MLP). In the proposed approach,(More)
Every year, many car accidents due to driver fatigue and distraction occur around the world and cause many casualties and injuries. Driver face monitoring systems is one of the main approaches for driver fatigue or distraction detection and accident prevention. Driver face monitoring systems capture the images from driver face and extract the symptoms of(More)
This paper presents a new method for counterattack detection using estimated camera motion and evaluates some classification methods to detect this event. To this end, video is partitioned to shots and view type of each shot is recognized first. Then, relative pan of the camera during far-view and medium-view shots is estimated. After weighting of pan value(More)
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