Mohamad Hassan Itani

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Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a serious chronic autoimmune disease with intense inflammatory response and damage in many target organs including joints, skin, kidneys, heart and nervous system. Cardiac tamponade is extremely rare as a cardinal presentation of SLE in children with only a few cases reported in the literature. We report two cases of a(More)
672 (DL) refers to gastro D ieulafoy lesion intestinal (GI) ulcers associated with erosion of a superficial large-caliber artery and massive bleeding. It accounts for 0.5% to 14% of upper GI bleeding in adults and is extremely rare in children (1). It occurs mostly over the lesser curvature of the stomach. An increasing number of cases have been reported in(More)
Neonatal pneumopericardium is a rare clinical condition which usually occurs in association with other air leaks, especially when there is severe lung pathology, post vigorous resuscitation, or in presence of assisted ventilation. We report the first case of isolated, spontaneous pneumopericardium occurring in the absence of a history of neonatal(More)
Haemangioma is the most common vascular tumour of childhood. Most cases require no therapeutic intervention, with spontaneous involution by 5-9 years of age. Some haemangiomas may become large in size impinging on vital structures such as eyes, mouth, nose or larynx, and require certain therapeutic interventions to prevent major morbidities. The usual(More)
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