Mohamad Farhan Mohamad Mohsin

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Web log file analysis began as a way for IT administrators to ensure adequate bandwidth and server capacity on their organizations website. Log file data can offer valuable insight into web site usage. It reflects actual usage in natural working condition, compared to the artificial setting of a usability lab. It represents the activity of many users, over(More)
Computer programming is one of the most essential skills which each graduate has to acquire. However, there are reports that they are unable to write a program well. Researches indicated there are many factors can affect student programming performance. Thus, the aim of this study is to investigate the significant factors that may influence students(More)
This paper presents a new way of online communications through mobile to web that helps students and lecturers to be always aware of appointments no matter where they are. It contributes to the teaching and learning process, in which communication is made easy using short messaging system (SMS) technology which is called Web-based Student Appointment System(More)
Knowledge based system need quality knowledge to provide an accurate decision. Due to irrelevant and incorrect information of expert during knowledge acquisition, the information extraction from data mining approach can reduce the biases and misconceptions of multiple experts. Moreover, the real world data which is huge and incomplete has made it(More)
The dendritic cell algorithm is an effective technique to detect anomalies in time series applications. However, the algorithm is less effective when it mines a general classification dataset because the items are not organized in an orderly event-driven manner. Ideally, for they need to be arranged in sequence by sorting them according to decision class.(More)
Training programs for teacher's development in Malaysia are organized ever year. The selection of teachers to attend trainings is currently done randomly, by rotation and not based on their work performance. This poses a problem in selecting the right teacher to attend the right course. Up until now, there is no intelligent model to assist the school(More)