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This paper presents three stages of methodology. The first stage is to identify the switching operation for radial network configuration while observe the power losses and the voltage profile without Distributed Generation (DG). The second stage is based on previous paper which is feeder reconfiguration for loss reduction with DGs. The last stage is sizing(More)
Distribution network planning and operation require the identification of the best topological configuration that is able to fulfill the power demand with minimum power loss. This paper presents an efficient hybridization of both Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Evolutionary Programming (EP) methods which is called the Evolutionary Particle Swarm(More)
Power losses issues persevered over few decades in the high demand utilization of energy electricity in developing countries. Thus, the radial structure of distribution network configuration is extensively used in high populated areas to ensure continuity of power supply in the event of fault. This paper proposes heuristic Genetic Algorithm known as SIGA(More)
Distribution Network Reconfiguration (DNR) is required to identify the best topology network in order to fulfill the power demand with minimum power losses. This paper proposes a new method which is called as Rank Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization (REPSO). The proposed method is a combination of the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and the(More)
Load demand prediction is important for electric power planning and must be assessed with proper model. The power utility needs to forecasts in order to supply energy to consumer without interference. Neural Networks method is the most popular research topic have been done over the last decade. However, the use of Kohonen Self Organizing Map (SOM) not(More)
radial distribution network for loss minimization N. H. Shamsudin , N. A. Abidullah, A. R. Abdullah , M. S. Mamat , M. F. Sulaima, , H. I. Jaafar #6 # Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Hang Tuah Jaya, 76100 Durian Tunggal, Melaka, Malaysis 1 2 3 4(More)
The implementation of meta-heuristic algorithm in defining the optimal solution for distribution network reconfiguration has been addressed by many researchers over the years. Nonetheless, the solution in minimizing the main objective which is total power losses could not be solved until today. In this study, the hybridization of evolutionary particle swarm(More)
The increment of the numbers for accidents due to building safety system errors has created a serious disaster over the year. Due to that reason, this paper presents the entitled Building Heat Detection System (BHD System) by the objectives to develop the proper circuit in order to secure the detection device during the building fire attack. A BHD system,(More)
This paper illustrates the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technique to predict the joint torque estimation model for arm rehabilitation device in a clear manner. This device acts as an exoskeleton for people who had failure of their limb. Electromyography (EMG) is the techniques to analyze the presence of electrical activity in musculoskeletal systems. The(More)
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