Mohamad B. Taha

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We describe criteria for choosing Cesarean section to treat dystocia, and identify factors that appeared to influence the success of Cesarean section in Iraqi Awassi ewes under clinical condition. The study was conducted on 276 ewes presented for dystocia during the lambing seasons from 1985 to 1990. Out of 130 (47%) ewes assigned to undergo Cesarean(More)
One barrier to interpreting past studies of cognition and major depressive disorder (MDD) has been the failure in many studies to adequately dissociate the effects of MDD from the potential cognitive side effects of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) use. To better understand how remediation of depressive symptoms affects cognitive function in(More)
Serum haptoglobin concentration was determined in 102 Iraqi Awassi ewes. Blood samples were collected from 82 ewes before the correction of dystocia, 10 ewes with eutocia 2 to 4 h after parturition and 10 nonpregnant ewes during the seasonal anestrus phase. The mean serum haptoglobin concentration was significantly higher (P < 0.01) in ewes with dystocia(More)
The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of hemi-castration on testicular size and semen characteristics of Iraqi local bucks. Eighteen adult bucks aged 1.5-2.5 years, weighing 36.9-43.7 kg were used. Animals were randomly divided into three groups (6 in each); groups 1 control group. Animals in groups 2 and 3 were subjected to(More)
Bilateral laparoscopic ovariectomy was performed in six female donkeys. Laparoscopic ovariectomy was performed in standing position by using a new laparoscopic instrument which was developed by the authors. We used the instrument for isolation, coagulation and cutting of mesovarium. One laparoscope portal and two instrument portals were located in each(More)
There is growing evidence that estradiol (E2) enhances fear extinction memory consolidation. However, it is unclear how E2 influences the nodes of the fear extinction network to enhance extinction memory. This study begins to delineate the neural circuits underlying the influence of E2 on fear extinction acquisition and consolidation in female rats. After(More)
Major depressive disorder (MDD) is the most common non-motor manifestation of Parkinson's disease (PD) affecting 50% of patients. However, little is known about the cognitive correlates of MDD in PD. Using a computer-based cognitive task that dissociates learning from positive and negative feedback, we tested four groups of subjects: (1) patients with PD(More)
Leuprolide acetate (LEU), also known as Lupron, is commonly used to treat prostate cancer in men. As a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor agonist, it initially stimulates the release of gonadal hormones, testosterone (T) and estradiol. This surge eventually suppresses these hormones, preventing the further growth and spread of cancer cells.(More)
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