Mohamad Adel Bakir

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Ten SSR loci, previously developed for Prunus, were analyzed to examine genetic relationships among 23 rootstock candidates for sweet and sour cherries, of the species P. avium, P. cerasus, P. mahaleb, and P. angustifolia. Five genotypes of P. laurocerasus, not used as rootstock, were included in the molecular analysis. The number of alleles per locus(More)
Turkey is not only the main apricot (Prunus armeniaca) producer and exporter in the world, but it also has a wide variety of apricot germplasms, owing to its close proximity to the centers of apricot origin. However, there is little or no genetic information on many apricot cultivars that are extensively cultivated in Turkey. We examined the genetic(More)
Eggplant is a major crop in Turkey, which produces more of this crop than all of Europe; consequently, germplasm resources are of concern for the country. Molecular characterization of eggplant genotypes collected from different geographical regions of Turkey was carried out using SSR and RAPD markers. With amplification of five SSR loci, the number of(More)
This paper attempts to describe the state of Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) techniques and the contributions of GIS and Remote Sensing (RS) technologies for RWH in The Syrian Desert (AL-Badia). Studies were conducted using physiographic factors of The Syrian Desert (the natural factors, the climatic factors, the pastoral cover, and animal wealth) for the(More)
The need for the conservation of plant genetic resources has been widely accepted. Germplasm characterization and evaluation yield information for more efficient utilization of these valuable resources. The aim of the present study was to characterize the pea germplasm conserved at the Aegean Agricultural Research Institute of Turkey using morphological and(More)
Green bean genotypes collected from eastern Turkey were characterized using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers and morphological traits. Among 12 SSR markers, 10 produced successful amplifications and revealed DNA polymorphisms that were subsequently used to assess genetic relatedness of the genotypes. Based on the number of alleles generated and the(More)
Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) has become the most useful serum tumor marker in adjunct to digital rectal examination (DRE) for the management of prostate cancer (PC). The currently cited reference range of normal PSA levels (between 0 and 4.0 ng/mL) is deficient in terms of both sensitivity and specificity. Age-adjusted PSA have been proposed as an(More)
We conducted SSR analyses of 59 accessions, including 29 traditional plum (Prunus domestica), 24 sweet cherry (Prunus avium), and 1 sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) selected from East Anatolian gene sources and 3 plum and 2 cherry reference accessions for molecular characterization and investigation of genetic relationships. Eight SSR loci [1 developed from the(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity has become a serious epidemic health problem in both developing and developed countries. There is much evidence that obesity among adolescents contributed significantly to the development of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease in adulthood. Very limited information exists on the prevalence of overweight, obesity, and associated(More)
The last few years have witnessed an enormous study in the area of integrated hydrological modeling with GIS application. In this research, attempt was made to critically look at the application of HEC-GeoHMS which is an extension of ArcView in HEC-HMS; an HEC package which is a new generation of software being developed for rainfall-runoff simulation. The(More)
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