Mohamad Abdalla

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A novel series of quinazolines 5-10, triazoloquinazolines 11-17 and triazinoquinazoline 19 bearing a biologically active sulfonamide moiety were synthesized, utilizing methyl 2-isothiocyanato benzoate 2. Some of the newly synthesized compounds revealed promising bacterial growth inhibition, compared with the ampicillin, as the reference drug. A LigandScout(More)
In the present work, interaction of the strategic starting material, methyl 2-isothiocyanatobenzoate (1), with sulfa drugs resulted in the formation of methyl 2-[3-(4-(N-substituted sulfamoyl)phenyl)thioureido] benzoates 2-5, which upon reaction with hydrazine hydrate afforded N-amino derivatives 6-9. Triazoloquinazoline derivatives 10-18 were obtained via(More)
Over the past decade, issues concerning Islam and Muslims have featured prominently in public and media discourse. Much of this discourse is stereotypical, anecdotal and often unsubstantiated. Indeed, relative to the extent of comment on Islam and Muslims, few factual data exist on what Muslims really think. This article presents the views and opinions of(More)
The use of psychopharmaceuticals as an enhancement technology has been the focus of attention in the bioethics literature. However, there has been little examination of the challenges that this practice creates for religious traditions that place importance on questions of being, authenticity, and identity. We asked expert commentators from six major world(More)
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