Mohamad A. Eid

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Dynamic web service composition can serve applications or users on an on-demand basis. With dynamic composition, the application’s capabilities can be extended at runtime so that theoretically an unlimited number of new services can be created from a limited set of service components, thus making applications no longer restricted to the original set of(More)
Authentication, the process of identifying an individual, currently plays a critical role in security systems. Graphical password schemes are believed to be more secure and resilient to dictionary attacks than traditional textual passwords. We designed a graphical password system with the novelty of incorporating the sense of touch via haptic technologies.(More)
Multimedia technologies are reaching the limits of providing audio-visual media that viewers consume passively. An important factor, which will ultimately enhance the user's experience in terms of impressiveness and immersion, is interaction. Among daily life interactions, haptic interaction plays a prominent role in enhancing the quality of experience of(More)
In this paper we present a comprehensive study of mobile agent applications. We classify the application fields as follows: Network monitoring and management, information searching and filtering, multimedia, Internet, intrusion detection, telecommunications, military, and others. We discuss the potential uses of mobile agents in the various fields and(More)
Biofeedback is a well-accepted approach in preventative and alternative healthcare. It is known to promote wellbeing and help prevent and treat a wide variety of disorders related to the human physiology and psychology. With the exceptional growth of wearable sensor technologies, the potential for devising biofeedback systems that blend into everyday living(More)
Nowadays, stroke is one of the most frequent causes of severe adult disability in the world. Virtual Reality (VR) and haptic technologies have emerged as promising assistive tools for effective diagnosis and rehabilitation intervention. The objective of this study is to develop and test a set of five virtual exercises on top of a framework, which is(More)
The science of haptics has received enormous attention in the last decade. Activities in different disciplines such as robotics, computer graphics, and psychophysics have been the foundation of haptic science. Nowadays, haptic research comprises four interdisciplinary research branches: human haptics, machine haptics, computer haptics, and the newly(More)
In this paper, we describe a multimedia system for learning handwriting and pronunciation of alphabet letters or characters in different languages. This system provides haptic, audio and visual information according to the desired letter or character chosen by a user. Letters or characters from the Arabic, English, French, Japanese, and Spanish languages(More)
Web services have become an emerging and promising technology to design and build complex business applications out of atomic web-based software components. To enforce extensive software reuse and dynamic adaptation, dynamic service composition has experienced an increasing interest in research efforts. Together, the lack of a general conceptual reference(More)