Mohamad A. Akra

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—The problem of matching two planar sets of points in the presence of geometric uncertainty has important applications in pattern recognition, image understanding, and robotics. The first set of points corresponds to the " template. " The other set corresponds to the " image " that—possibly—contains one or more deformed versions of the " template " embedded(More)
We consider the problem of model-based object recognition and localization in the presence of noise, spurious features, and occlusion. We address the case where the model is allowed to be transformed by elements in a given space of allowable transformations. Known algorithms for the problem either treat noise very accurately in an unacceptable worst case(More)
Artificial neural networks have been studied for many years in the hope of achieving human-like performance in the fields of speech and image recognition. A great landmark in this field is the Hopfield Network. It is simple to implement, simple to analyze. However, it suffers from the existence of the so-called spurious states which tend to inundate the(More)
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