Mohak Sukhwani

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We propose an end-to-end recurrent encoder-decoder based sequence learning approach for printed text Optical Character Recognition (OCR). In contrast to present day existing state-of-art OCR solution [Graves et al. (2006)] which uses CTC output layer, our approach makes minimalistic assumptions on the structure and length of the sequence. We use a two step(More)
Existing Natural Language Generation (nlg) systems are weak AI systems and exhibit limited capabilities when language generation tasks demand higher levels of creativity, originality and brevity. E‚ective solutions or, at least evaluations of modern nlg paradigms for such creative tasks have been elusive, unfortunately. Œis paper introduces and addresses(More)
Recently, quadcopters with their advance sensors and imaging capabilities have become an imperative part of the precision agriculture. In this work, we have described a framework which performs plantation monitoring and yield estimation using the supervised learning approach, while autonomously navigating through an inter-row path of the plantation. The(More)
In this paper, we present a parameterized approach to produce personalized variable length summaries of soccer matches. Our approach is based on temporally segmenting the soccer video into “plays”, associating a user-specifiable “utility” for each type of play and using “bin-packing” to select a subset of the plays that add up to the desired length while(More)
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