Mohak Sukhwani

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We propose an end-to-end recurrent encoder-decoder based sequence learning approach for printed text Optical Character Recognition (OCR). In contrast to present day existing state-of-art OCR solution [Graves et al. (2006)] which uses CTC output layer, our approach makes minimalistic assumptions on the structure and length of the sequence. We use a two step(More)
Recently, quadcopters with their advance sensors and imaging capabilities have become an imperative part of the precision agriculture. In this work, we have described a framework which performs plantation monitoring and yield estimation using the supervised learning approach, while autonomously navigating through an inter-row path of the plantation. The(More)
Automatically describing videos has ever been fascinating. In this work, we attempt to describe videos from a specific domain – broadcast videos of lawn tennis matches. Given a video shot from a tennis match, we intend to generate a textual commentary similar to what a human expert would write on a sports website. Unlike many recent works that focus on(More)
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