Mohaddeseh Mohsenpour

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One of the most frequently used methods for the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases is cardiac catheterization which increases the anxiety level in patients before surgery. In this random clinical study, 62 people undergoing coronary angiography were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. The necessary data were collected through a(More)
BACKGROUND Personality traits are major effective factors on student's learning, educational achievements and employer's job satisfaction. Metacognitive characteristics such as personality are only changeable up to 30% in the best educational condition. Therefore, students should be evaluated for such characteristics including their personality(More)
BACKGROUND Ethical sensitivity is considered as a component of professional competency of nurses. Its effects on improvement of nurses' ethical performance and the therapeutic relationship between nurses and patients have been reported. However, very limited studies have evaluated ethical sensitivity. Since no previous Iranian research has been conducted in(More)
BACKGROUND Caring is a valuable task. The staff in any profession that involves patients' fear, anxiety, pain, and suffering may experience similar feelings. As a professional group, oncology nurses deal with patients and their relatives and caregivers under very stressful conditions. They encounter pain, suffering, and death as a part of their daily life.(More)
An ethical attitude denotes motivation and commitment in practice and is an important aspect of human communication. Values guide the efforts of human beings towards helping those in need, and an ethical attitude revives values and turns them into action. As a result, an ethical attitude and a sense of responsibility have direct effects on ethical action(More)
Nursing error has complex and vague dimensions and paediatric nurses' experience is different from the other nurses. Therefore, this study was conducted to illuminate Iranian paediatric nurses' perception of nursing error. Our study designed is qualitative content analysis. Semi-structured interviews were performed with 8 paediatric nurses in three(More)
Nursing errors are complex and take place frequently in the care of patients. However, despite their significance, they have not been properly defined or addressed in the literature. This integrative review of the literature explored the concept of nursing error, explained its definitions and described its attributes and measurements. The databases of(More)
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