Mohaddaseh Ramezani

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The screening of bacteria isolated from soil, water and sediment samples of the Gavkhooni Wetland in Iran led to the isolation of about 161 moderately halophilic and halotolerant bacteria which were(More)
A Gram-positive, halophilic actinobacterial strain Miq-12T was isolated from Meighan wetland in Iran. Strain Miq-12T was strictly aerobic, catalase positive and oxidase negative. The isolate grew at(More)
A novel Gram-stain-negative, slightly halophilic, motile, curved rod with a horseshoe shape, designated strain Bsw-2bT, was isolated from Badab-Soort travertine spring in Iran. Phylogenetic analysis(More)
A Gram-stain-positive actinobacterial strain, Miq-4T, was isolated from soil around Meighan wetland in the centre of Iran. Strain Miq-4T was strictly aerobic, catalase- and oxidase-positive. The(More)
A crude-oil-degrading, Gram-stain-positive actinobacterial strain, RIPIT, was isolated from a soil sample collected from an oil-contaminated mud pit in Khangiran oil and gas field, in the north-east(More)
A Gram-staining-positive actinobacterial strain, Chem10(T), was isolated from soil around Inche-Broun hypersaline wetland in the north of Iran. Strain Chem10(T) was strictly aerobic, and catalase-(More)
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