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Electrical transport through molecules has been much studied since it was proposed that individual molecules might behave like basic electronic devices, and intriguing single-molecule electronic effects have been demonstrated. But because transport properties are sensitive to structural variations on the atomic scale, further progress calls for detailed(More)
In this report we present a straightforward new technique for fabricating nanotips. This approach is based on spatially controlling the reaction of nitrogen gas with the surface atoms of a tungsten tip in a field ion microscope (FIM). Confining this field-assisted etching reaction to the shank has enabled us to produce single-atom tips with an apex radius(More)
The scientific and technical challenges involved in building the planar electrical connection of an atomic scale circuit to N electrodes (N > 2) are discussed. The practical, laboratory scale approach explored today to assemble a multi-access atomic scale precision interconnection machine is presented. Depending on the surface electronic properties of the(More)
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