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In this paper, a new efficient method for outlier detection is proposed. The proposed method is based on fuzzy clustering techniques. The c-means algorithm is first performed, then small clusters are determined and considered as outlier clusters. Other outliers are then determined based on computing differences between objective function values when points(More)
Purpose Lower back pain affects 80–90 % of all people at some point during their life time, and it is considered as the second most neurological ailment after headache. It is caused by defects in the discs, vertebrae, or the soft tissues. Radiologists perform diagnosis mainly from X-ray radiographs, MRI, or CT depending on the target organ. Vertebra(More)
Lumbar area of the vertebral column bears the most load of the human body and thus it is responsible for the major portion of lower back pain from which 80% to 90% of people suffer from during their lifetime. Vertebra related diseases are mainly fracture and are usually diagnosed from X-ray radiographs or CT scans depending on the severity of the problem.(More)
In this work, we propose a methodology for segmenting glands automatically in digitized images of histopathological prostate tissue for grade classification. Gleason grading describes the abnormality of cancer cells and their degree of aggressiveness by using numerical scale from grade 1 that represents benign tissues through grade 5 for tissues(More)
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