Mogens S Hüttel

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During a 12-month period, infraclavicular subclavian catheterization, using a Seldinger technique, was attempted on 77 occasions in 54 children with a median age of 2 years (range newborn to 10 years). General anaesthesia was used in the majority of cases, and catheterization was successful in 74 cases (96%). The initial catheter tip position was(More)
Spinal anaesthesia was performed with a 22-gauge needle on 112 consecutive patients above fifty years of age admitted for transurethral surgery. Patients were randomly allocated to either 24 h of recumbency (group A) or ambulation as soon as the spinal had worn off (group B). Postspinal headache was found in 14% of the patients in the recumbency group and(More)
Local venous reactions during and after the injection i.v. of diazepam in oil (Diazemuls) and the water-soluble benzodiazepine midazolam (Dormicum) were studied in 100 patients undergoing gastroscopy. Observation time was 2 weeks. Of the patients receiving diazepam in oil, 8% experienced pain on injection and 6% subsequently developed clinical evidence of(More)
The effects of lung surgery performed during one-lung ventilation and the associated endocrine stress response on natural killer (NK) cell activity and the distribution of white blood cells in peripheral blood were studied in 10 patients with malignant lung tumours. Patients were anaesthetized with general anaesthesia combined with thoracic epidural(More)
A prospective, randomized, single-blind investigation was undertaken into the value of midazolam as an agent for the induction of anaesthesia. Sixty patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery of short duration were allocated randomly to receive either midazolam 0.2 mg kg-1 or thiopentone 3 mg kg-1. The induction time (measured as the time until loss of eyelash(More)
The adrenocortical response to a short tetracosactrin (Synacthen) test was studied in 11 patients receiving either etomidate infusion or thiopentone infusion used to maintain anaesthesia for abdominal hysterectomy. Pethidine was used as the narcotic component. The results showed that etomidate infusion (median 28.5 ug/kg/min) completely blocked the(More)
Natural killer (NK) cell activity and the endocrine response during and after parietal cell vagotomy were studied in two groups of patients receiving either epidural analgesia extending from S5 to Th4 + general anaesthesia (Group I), or general anaesthesia (Group II). NK cell activity of unseparated mononuclear cells in peripheral blood was measured against(More)