Mofreh M. Salem

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Recently, there have been considerable efforts towards the convergence between P2P and Grid computing in order to reach a solution that takes the best of both worlds by exploiting the advantages that each offers. Augmenting the peer-to-peer model to the services of the Grid promises to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure greater scalability, availability, and(More)
In this paper, a Cooperative Multi-robot for Carrying Targets (CMCT) algorithm is proposed. The multi-robot team consists of three robots, one is a supervisor and the others are workers for carrying boxes in a store of 100×100 m. Each robot has a self recharging mechanism. The CMCT minimizes robot’s worked time for carrying many boxes during day by working(More)
Mobile ad-hoc network is a collection of mobile nodes that organize themselves into a network without any predefined infrastructure. The characteristics of MANET are dynamic topology; bandwidth and energy constrained and limited physical security. Due to the dynamic nature of the network, these networks can be easily vulnerable to attacks. Many type of(More)
The need ‎for Self-service data analytics is inevitable as it supports the business in making the right decisions. In ‎this paper, we argue that self-service analytics frameworks should be based on a process-centric approach and ‎visualized selfservice components in order to meet current business demands. Further, we ‎enunciate the need for mainly three(More)
In this paper, we will present a new approach for Data Analytics development. This new approach is based on the consolidation of the organizational procedures data following a process-centric approach. Three main components are involved in this approach: ETL Component, Process Flow Component and a Control Model Component. Furthermore, we explain the(More)
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