Mofou Belo

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Presented are the clinical data of 18 consecutive patients who were treated by IV recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (r-TPA) for suspected vertebrobasilar (VB) acute ischemia within 7 hours. The mean delay for treatment was 5 +/- 3.6 hours. Mean baseline NIH Stroke Scale score was 17 +/- 4. At 3 months, 10 patients were independent (modified Rankin(More)
Recent studies have employed tympanic thermometry to assess lateralization of cognitive and emotional functions in primates. However, no studies using this technique have investigated the possibility of hemispheric specialization in New World monkeys. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to investigate tympanic membrane (TM) temperature asymmetries(More)
In april 1987, an epidemiologic study in Northern Togo was carried out in order to evaluate the prevalence of cysticercosis and epilepsy. The survey also aimed to investigate possible connections between these two illnesses. The study encompassed 5264 subjects over 15 years old, selected using random sampling techniques; 125 cases of cysticercosis were(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the feasibility of managing epilepsy in a rural setting in a developing country. METHODS The project comprised four phases. After a study of the perception of epilepsy, we conducted a sensitization campaign in November 2001. The third phase was a survey, to detect epilepsy patients, in which 6249 persons were asked to complete a(More)
Epilepsy, the most common serious neurological condition, is one of the most widespread non-transmissible diseases in the world. In developing countries, about 90% of those with epilepsy do not receive appropriate treatment; this treatment gap, very high compared with other chronic diseases, helps to explain the marginalisation and poor living conditions of(More)
To ascertain the aetiology, of non traumatic paraplegia retrospective survey, concerning 2396 patients hospitalised from January 1st 1995 to December 31st 1999, was done. Two hundred forty three cases were founded after investigation. The frequency of non traumatic paraplegia was 10.14%. Peripheral motor neuron's causes were 48.97% (119 cases). In this(More)
An epidemiologic survey was carried out by a team of medical doctors working in the Kozah district of North Togo during April 1987. It was designed to evaluate the incidence of epilepsy and cysticercosis, taking a sample population of 5,264 subjects aged over 15 years old. 81.7% of the population feed on pigs which are allowed to roam freely in the vicinity(More)
The authors present the results of a preliminary study on the use of a concentrated dose of 13 Gy in 48 hours in the treatment of cancer of the cervix, especially for haemostatic and antialgic purposes and mostly as a first part of a split course of radiotherapy. In 13 patients with early stages of the disease, the method was used as an emergency treatment(More)