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We present a technique that uses an externally applied electric field to self-assemble monolayers of mixtures of particles into molecular-like hierarchical arrangements on fluid-liquid interfaces. The arrangements consist of composite particles (analogous to molecules) which are arranged in a pattern. The structure of a composite particle depends on factors(More)
Thin films of Na with Fe, Co, and Ni impurities are investigated. The magnetization of the impurities is measured by means of the anomalous Hall resistance. Fe and Co show a moment of about 6mu(B), while for Ni no moment is detected. Furthermore, the magnetic dephasing of the conduction electrons is measured by means of weak localization. The dephasing rate(More)
Rearing methods for Bracon hebetor (Say) (Hym., Braconidae) were investigated in the series of laboratory experiments designed to enhance the yield of the mass rearing of this parasitoid for biological control of lepidopteran field and stored product pests. In these experiments, the effects of parasitoid and host densities on fertility and sex ratio of B.(More)
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