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INTRODUCTION Pulmonary function is compromised in most smokers. Yet it is unknown whether exercise training improves pulmonary function and aerobic capacity in cigarette and hookah smokers and whether these smokers respond in a similar way as do non-smokers. AIM To evaluate the effects of an interval exercise training program on pulmonary function and(More)
Introduction For obvious reasons, athletes are at greater risk of sustaining a lumber (lower) spine injury due to physical activity. To our knowledge, no previous studies have examined the prevalence of low back pain (LBP) in a Tunisian sports and physical education institute. Aim To assess the prevalence of LBP in different sports among students studying(More)
Methodological problems in the article comparing lung function profiles and aerobic capacity of adult cigarette and hookah smokers after 12 weeks intermittent training I read with great interest the paper by Koubaa et al. 'Lung function profiles and aerobic capacity of adult cigarette and hookah smokers after 12 weeks intermittent training' (1). Some(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare the impact of the practice of football and judo on lung function and aerobic performance of prepubertal boys. METHODS A total of ninety six prepubertal boys were studied. They assessed a measure of body composition using the skin folds method. They performed lung plethysmography at rest, followed by an(More)
To examine the impact of low-intensity continuous training program on antioxidant defense capability and lipid profile in male cigarette or hookah smokers. Forty-three male adults participated in a 12-week continuous training program at an intensity of 40% of VO2max. All subjects were subjected to anthropometric, physical and biochemical tests before and(More)
BACKGROUND The decline in cardiorespiratory fitness and lung function was higher in smokers. Training method could mitigate some of the negative consequences of smoking among smokers unable or unwilling to quit. OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of continuous training on lungs functional capability and cardiorespiratory fitness in smokers. METHODS(More)
AIM To examine the impact of interval training program on the antioxidant defense capability and lipid profile in men smoking cigarettes or hookah unable or unwilling to quit smoking. METHODS Thirty-five participants performed an interval training (2 : 1 work : rest ratio) 3 times a week for 12 weeks at an intensity of 70% of VO2max. All subjects were(More)
BACKGROUND Exercise induced bronchospasm (EIB) commonly occurs during exercise. The comparative effects of different sports on airway responsiveness among prepubertal boys remain to be determined. OBJECTIVES To assess differences in post exercise spirometry between footballers, judokas and a control group in prepubertal boys. PATIENTS AND METHODS A(More)
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