Moez Smaoui

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This paper deals with the robust control problem of a pneumatic actuator subjected to parameters uncertainties and load disturbances. The control strategies are based on second order sliding mode approaches. Implementation results of the proposed sliding mode control schemes on an experimental set-up are given to illustrate the developments. NOMENCLATURE y(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose efficient multivariables controllers for an electropneumatic system. The considered system use two three-way proportional servodistributors. Generally, it is supposed that these two servodistributors are equivalent to one five-way proportional servodistributor when they are controlled with inputs of opposite signs. In(More)
Electropneumatic actuators are more and more used in industrial applications. Due to nonlinear phenomena, for many applications, high accuracy can only be obtained when using nonlinear control laws. These strategies allow to get high performances but often need the knowledge of all state variables. Then, there is a real interest to design observers in order(More)
Since industry is rapidly developing, either locally or globally, manufacturers witness harder challenges due to the growing competitivity. This urges them to better consider the four factors linked to production and output: quality, quantity, cost and price, quality being of course the most important factor which constitutes their main concern. Efforts(More)
This work is consecrated to the minimising of machining errors based on a method for the compensation of the trajectory to be machined in hemispherical milling. This compensation is found to be necessary because of the tool deflection due to the cutting forces. In order to remedy to the machining errors, caused by this deflection, a compensation method has(More)
Nonlinear control laws become the most important strategies to control electropneumatic actuator. To get high accuracy and performance, we need the knowledge of all state variables. This paper focus on the design of high gain observer which estimates the unmeasured states (velocity and pressure in chamber N) from the measurements of the position and(More)
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