Moez Kilani

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Prisoner’s dilemma played by finite automata is reviewed again using a slightly modified measure of complexity. At a first step, an equilibrium with a large number of possible outcomes is shown to hold. At a second stage, we consider a game of repeated interaction, and show that on (limit) equilibrium only cooperative actions are played. We conclude that(More)
We propose a method to compute an equilibrium solution for the monocentric city model with traffic congestion, and to quantify the impact of cordon tolls on social surplus. The focus of this paper is on the comparison of road pricing of one and two cordons, with the no toll and first-best situations as benchmarks. We find that a one-cordon toll yields a(More)
We extend the monocentric model by considering a discrete number of accessible mass transit stations. Households combine two modes for their daily home-to-work trip: a first mode for terminal access to stations and a second (long haul) mode which consists in radial mass transit axes. The urban equilibrium, i.e. city size and households' distribution, is(More)
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