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The artificial hands for sociable robotics and prosthetics are expected to be touched by other people. Because the skin is the main interface during the contact, a need arises to duplicate humanlike characteristics for artificial skins for safety and social acceptance. Towards the goal of replicating humanlike social touch, this paper compares the skin(More)
The "Uncanny Valley", introduced nearly 40 years ago, has found its way through the mainstream robotics design theories. For the lack of soft tissue, warmth and poor controls, prosthetic hands were classified near the bottom of the "valley". Prosthetic hand designers were cautioned not to cross the "valley" by suggesting that prosthetic hands be made of(More)
In the present work, a set of 2D global furnace simulations accounting for oxygen dissolution and transport have been used to predict Oi content along the produced Silicon crystal. It is shown that Oi content is sensitive to several growth parameters (melt level, crucible rotation, etc.). Results indicate Oxygen tends to increase at the end of the crystal(More)
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